- If you want to book a session with either of Us (or both of Us), use the contact form to get in touch. Be sure to include what date(s) you are interested in, what time, exactly what you are interested in and for how long. A brief description of yourself, your experience in BDSM, and why you want a session with Us is preferred and you will be much more likely to want to session with you. As of this moment, We no longer put up an ad and session time with Us is reserved exclusively with submissives that take the time to get to know Us and present themselves in such a way that is humble and respectful.
- NO OUTCALLS! Unless you live in a different state or far away from Los Angeles, in which case you will not only pay for 100% of the session upfront but you will also cover travel expense, hotel and car rental. 

- Likewise, for all other sessions (local), a 50% deposit via the "Tributes and Payments" page is REQUIRED to book a session. If you are unwilling to do this, do not bother contacting Us. It's a long way for Us to drive and gas to waste for you to not show up. We are far too busy and have plenty of people to replace you to be chasing flakes.

- We are transparent about Our rates. If you can't handle the expense, again, don't bother contacting Us. We do not haggle, so don't even try. Our time is precious! Rates are only for "regular" sessions. Any special fetishes that are highly involved with planning or require a lot of cleanup will be more. Discounts on longer than 3 hour sessions and overnights are available.


- Booking a session means SHOW UP. Have every intention of showing up when booking and then actually do so. We've heard every excuse in the world and We're not buying it anymore!
- Know that there is NO SEXUAL CONTACT of any kind during the session. NONE. Don't ask, don't hint at it, nothing. We will not touch you in this way and you are forbidden to do so to Us. Attempting to do so will cause the session to be terminated immediately! LEGAL PLAY ONLY! If We are ever touching your dick, its to abuse it and nothing more.
- Come ON TIME. Not late, and not excessively early. Arriving 10 minutes early or less is acceptable.
- A very brief meeting will take place before the session commences. This time is reserved for you to discuss any last minute ideas, wishes, or concerns you may have. This is when it's good to be about 10 minutes early (but no more than that!).

Fortress FemDomme


-When you arrive you will place the rest of your Tribute on the table and if no meeting is needed, you will be allowed to use the restroom if you need to. The safe word is always "red". Do not be afraid or ashamed to use the safeword! The session is directed by Us but your physical and mental health are still important.
- In that same light, TOPPING FROM THE BOTTOM IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Period. you are here to submit, not to top. "Power bottoms" are not tolerated and neither are "brat" subs. you either submit or you don't and if you don't you can leave. It is extremely disrespectful!
- The only contact on your penis will be CBT. Period. If you want to get off at the end of the session, you will do it manually all by yourself (Tragedy!).
- you book one hour, you get one hour. We are working a schedule at any Dungeon We rent space from and there are other Ladies who book time daily. If you think you may need more time, book longer than one hour. Any extra time will cost extra money, obviously. But if someone has booked time right after your session, extension will not be possible. Plan ahead!


- Please allow for a few minutes after the session to come down and come out of subspace. This time is called after-care. Get a drink of water and wind down for a couple of minutes. 
- During these few minutes, We will want to know if you had a pleasant experience. Be truthful, so the next time will be even better! We care about Our sub's satisfaction. After this We will wish you a good day and you'll be sent on your way.

Live Sessions