Fortress FemDomme

Our Vision

Welcome to Fortress FemDomme! We are Madame Xavialune and Mistress Snovia, Professional and Lifestyle Dominas from Los Angeles. Between the two of us We have almost 20 years of experience in BDSM, and We decided since We both adhere to the lifestyle of Female Supremacy that We would start Our very own empire which We have named Fort FemDomme. This enterprise is just in the beginning stages, and we hope that in the future it will grow with all of Our adoring fans, servants, and other Superior Women who wish to get in on the fun! 

Welcome to Fort FemDomme!

Who are We?

We envision a world without hate or unnecessary violence, a peaceful world where Women take Their natural place as rulers and live in harmony with the men who adore and serve Them. Since it is not feasible to create this in the world at large, We do so in Our own little place on Earth, Fort FemDomme. We see an opportunity for those who adhere to Female Supremacy to find their place at FFD and achieve happiness and peace. We know that there are many out there who believe in Female Supremacy, yet due to the pressures of society feel like they cannot express themselves or find like minded individuals in a safe and non-judgemental place. FFD is that place! We do not discriminate. All are welcome. However We ask that visitors remain respectful at all times. If you are a Female Supremacist, welcome home! If you are curious, We hope that you find the pages within to be helpful in your journey for inner peace and pleasure. If you are someone who does not identify as a Female Supremacist, that's ok, you are still welcome! But please do not purposely disturb the peaceful world in which so many have found solace. Female Supremacy is but a different belief system, a way of life, within which many have found their purpose. 

The ultimate goal of Fort FemDomme is to provide a place where followers can enjoy themselves by living the life they crave. Even just online, Fort FemDomme is an escape from the pressures and expectations of society. Our future goals include an actual physical space to which followers can retreat. In the meantime, please enjoy the online space which We have created here.